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Meet our Co-Producer and Award-winning Author, LaVerne Adekunle, PhD. she enjoys blogging, crafts, cooking & movies in addition to her new magazine publishing on Amazon.  LaVerne has recently produced a short film called HOPE with ClockAfrica TV and working on online talkshow called Girls Trip.  Visit her other film work here.

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Red Carpet Production Party July 26, 2012 7:00 pm

Meridian Gardens-Arlington TX

Hollywood Stars Come to Dallas for “Women Pastors” Reality TV Show

Dallas, Texas (Women of Ruth) July 1, 2012 – There’s a new reality-TV show in production that takes viewers behind the scenes into the lives of female Church Pastors. NYC radio host Fran Capo- a 5x Guinness World record holder – lead the cast that will be introduced at the Red Carpet Production Party in Dallas, TX on Thursday, July 26, 2012 at the Meridian Gardens in Arlington, TX.

The reality show reveals the incredible challenges of women in ministry. You might recognize some of their faces, but you don’t know their engaging stories of commitment and personal sacrifice until you see “Ladies in the Pulpit.” Other cast members include Pastors Ane Mercer, Deborah Powell, Denise Liz Tshiteya.

Even though Women Pastors – Ladies In the Pulpit will expose the pitfalls, show the leadership skills of women in the church and empower others in search of a blueprint for their own lives, family conflicts and daily challenges are a reality.

The show will attract married couples and families between the ages of 32 and 65+ with mid to upper incomes. The show will be pitched to national networks in the fall of 2012. Women Pastors – Ladies In the Pulpit Atlanta and Baltimore will begin production in 2013, with other cities to follow.

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